Important Tips for New OS X Users

If you have been a long time Windows user and you recently purchased Mac. Here are some Tips which are completely understandable. Once you get used to it, you will surely like it more than Windows.

Tip #1:

Eject Drives using the Trash

Apple really confused people when you are talking about ejecting devices from the system. If you want to eject a flash drive or DVD, you have to right click and choose eject or there is also other option that you have to drag the item into the Trash. This is how you can eject drives using the trash and it won’t result in any lost data. You will surely find it useful.

Tip #2:

How to Right Click

If you are a new user to Mac, then one of the most annoying things as new Mac user is to figure out how to right click. There is no other right click button for Macs. When you click with two fingers, you get the right click menu. Plus you can also change the settings that how the right click button works by going to System Preferences – Trackpad and then clicking on the Point & Click tab.

Tip #3:

How to add Applications to the Dock

There is no central button in OS X. And at the top left there is a Apple logo which can only let you go to system preferences or shutdown/restart your computer. You can say Dock is like windows taskbar. This Dock is starts out completely full of default Apple apps which is another annoying thing. If you want to get rid of it, you have to right click on the icon in the dock, then choose Options and Choose remove from Dock.

Tip #4:

Learn to Use Spotlight

Just like a search box in the start menu on Windows there is a same search option in OS X called Spotlight. There are two ways to get it: 1) By clicking on the magnifying glass on the top right of your screen.
2) By pressing Command + Spacebar keyboard shortcut.
You can easily find your apps, files, change settings in OS X by using Spotlight.

Tip #5:

How to install Programs from the Mac App Store

Apple only allows you to install apps from the Mac App store, it’s good because it keeps you a bit safer. Well, if you want to install a new program or any other Windows Software all you need is to go to App Store. If you want to install something from other places, you need to go to System Preferences – Security & Privacy and after that select Anywhere under Allows Apps downloaded from.