Best Native Ad Networks for Publishers and Advertisers

Native advertising is basically a form of paid media traffic source. It doesn’t use a traditional ad format such as a banner ad etc, but includes editorial content such as a blog post. Nowadays native ads are considered the most effective tool for sales and content monetization. Here is the list of Best Native Advertising Networks. We are sure that you will find a best one which will match your requirements. Do share your comments with us.



Taboola is very popular native advertising network. It has a very special feature called ‘Taboola Choice’ on its widgets which enable users to decide which of the ads they don’t want to see anymore. After using this kind of ad networks you can display promoted content including articles, videos and slideshows. Taboola has a list of popular and big publishers for example: USA Today, BBC, Mail Online, NBC News etc.
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Revcontent is currently serving over 250 Billion native ads in a month. It has more users reach than Amazon. Revcontent operates on a 20% revenue share model which has made it a more profit oriented for advertisers.
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Gravity provides you the opportunity to target audience by delivering them the right content.
Gravity developed big chain of publishers just like Huffington Post,, etc. It will provide you an opportunity for generating incremental revenue by engaging users with relevant native ads.
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You can easily promote your content by using Outbrain. Outbrain is one of the first native ad networks in the world. There is huge list of media sites on which they are distributing their content such as Fortune, CNN, The Daily Telegraph, Atlantic Media, ESPN, New York Post etc. Outbrain functions on a CPC model and requires a minimum of $10 daily spend.
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Yahoo Gemini

By using Yahoo Gemini you can easily raise brand awareness, promote your app, and increase your online sales. It’s a quality ad network and quite strict on approvals of your campaigns. Its ads appear on websites, Yahoo Search, in an email app etc. After using this you can get targeting options such as location, search terms, language, interests etc.
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It is the new native advertisement network. This ad network has more than 150,000 publishers at this time. They will accepts publishers who have been rejected by Outbrain, Revcontent or Taboola. AdNow can certainly be a good option for monetizing your site with Native Ads. By using this you can put an ad widget anywhere on your content.
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By using Earnify’s Widgets you will Earn More Than Any Other Native Advertising Company. Advertisers get superior targeting and exceptional traffic quality. It employs a CPA revenue model and reviews sites before approving them.
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