Top Facts About Facebook


Facebook Engages In Political Censorship

As we know that facebook’s mission is to have a society that is free and open, but they are working opposite to this goal by engaging in political censorship at a state level. Such as they block a page announcing a protest in Russia, an action that was a direct order from the Russian government.


Facebook Knows Where You Are At All Times

If you have a Facebook Messenger app in your phone, then you didn’t tell it to stop sharing your location. But what about other people? What if a stalker wanted to track you down and follow you? Could they also use Facebook Messenger? But now Facebook disabled location sharing from the Messenger app. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t collecting that data.


Facial Recognition

When someone tags in a photo on facebook, that information is added to Facebook’s giant stack of data. With every newly uploaded photo, they get better at pattern matching faces. The question now becomes how long we have until Facebook sells this information to retailers.


Facebook Will Sell Your Data

Anyone and everyone can get access to your data. Like Mastercard recently purchased Facebook data that details user’s online habits to uncover behavioral insights it can sell to banks. The intention is to merge Facebook’s data with their own so that they can also drive online sales.


FB Knows When You Are Sleeping

If you are using a Facebook messenger app, then anyone in your friend list can see when someone was last active. A developer by the name of Soren Louv-Jansen started to look into this a bit more. By correlating user IDs with a time stamp, he was actually able to build a graph of all his friends’ sleeping patterns.


It Knows More About You Than You Think

Facebook’s News Feed is designed to keep you engaged as long as possible. They even guess how intelligent you are, based on what content you like. If you want to get a small snapshot into the kind of data Facebook collects, then I highly recommend the Chrome plugin Data Selfie.